Earn 1.75% Cashback on all online spend*

Freelancers should not be denied of card benefits! Friz has built the first debit card that rewards creators like you for all of your spend, with absolutely no monthly salary requirements.

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*E-wallet top-ups and AXS transactions excluded.

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Just spend anywhere, on anything, and get a rebate at the end of the month, at $0 minimum spending requirement.

E.g. Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer.com


E.g. Google Suites, AWS, Xero, Zoom


E.g. Facebook, Google, Instagram Ads


E.g. Apple, Samsung, Dell


E.g. Starhub, SP Group, PUB



First Debit Card that rewards freelancers

Just spend and get a rebate at the end of your month.

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1.75% Instant cashback on every transaction*

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Simple to earn rewards - no promo codes, no cryptic terms

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Zero annual fees

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Get $5 for First Top-up and every successful referral

Get your debit card for free

Using your Friz Debit Card

Get a virtual debit card instantly when you register for a Friz account.
3 simple steps to start using it:

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Connect your Friz Debit Card to Google Pay and make payments on the go.

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Use the card for online spend wherever Mastercard cards are accepted.

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Get $5 extra on your first top-up of $10 or more

Debit card for freelancers at $0

Rebates at no spending or earning requirement. The Friz Debit card is a gift that keeps giving.

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Card fees


Transaction fees


Renewal/Annual fees


Hidden fees


Statement fees



1.75% cashback, Monthly Giveaways, $5 for First Top-up, no questions asked

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